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TrainMaster Command Controller

Interactive TrainMaster Command Tutorials

Control all the new Command-equipped Lionels, your railroad's switches and animated accessories, and even your classic Lionel and Lionel-compatible locomotives, all from the palm of your hand.

Walkaround freedom. Individualized control of Command-equipped Lionel locomotives. Total layout control. And compatibility with all the Lionel trains that have come before.

Lionel TrainMaster Command. The most fun you can have with your Lionel. (If you haven't yet, try our Interactive Fun Page.)

You can learn to operate TrainMaster Command Control:

Tutorials for TMCC Beginners answer common questions about starting to use TMCC.

The CAB-1 Intro Page explains the functions of the Remote Control's buttons.

The Layout Wiring tutorial explains how Command Control is attached and how to modify a layout for multi-engine operations.

Controlling Engines, has you program two engines with ID numbers and then trigger a bell, whistle or light.

Controlling Switches, has you program four track switches with ID numbers and then combine them into three different routes on a layout.

Controlling Trains, has you create a lash-up with three engines.

Learn to control Non-Command Equipped Lionel and Lionel-compatible trains.

For advanced users, experience CAB-1's Sticky Keys.

TMCC Controllers can add functionality to your layout. Here is a Survey of those products.

The TMCC Accessory Motor & Light Controller gives you a lot more than just on/off choices. Try out the TMCC AMC yourself.

Note that at the end of most tutorials there is an option to Print the tutorial. Some printed versions have been edited for that format.