Rollin' down the rails of yer pike has never been so much fun! You can see yer trains from all kinds of new viewpoints while you control them! Turn on the LIONEL F3's cab lights in the head end of yer multi-unit lashup, give yer train momentum settings that it will never forget. Nudge the train through a curve or over a grade with the boost control. Reset switches on the fly from yer Cab1 whenever you need to, wherever you are in the room. These operations and many many more are available to you anytime with the LIONEL TrainMaster Control system.

You can even run other manufacturer's trains with TrainMaster Command by installing a TrainAmerica or Digital Dynamics upgrade kit into one of those models. Virtually any train can be run with Trainmaster Command Control. The future is here and Coil Couplers of America is the one to give you the view from Cab1 and all kinds of supporting information about TMCC.

You haven't played with a train until you've tried LIONEL TrainMaster Command and Railsounds, called "the state of the art" by Classic Toy Trains magazine.

We hope you will take the time to enjoy our TMCC operating pages, which guide you and yer Cab1 through all kinds of TrainMaster operations! We've been adding more and more pages to the TrainMaster section, including "Tutorials for TMCC Beginners" and "TMCC Products Survey" sections... Happy Rails.

Clyde Coil