Lionel's Command Equipped Geeps Roll On

Evolution of the Trainmaster Command Geeps

by Clyde Coil

In 1996, LIONEL introduced the first Command equipped Geeps, the 2380 Southern Pacific and the 2380 New York Central. Today's Geeps have evolved in a way that tells a story. One of the stories of today's LIONEL.

A list of released GP-7s and GP-9s with relevant feature information follows.

Built with Diecast trucks, metal frame, plastic tank and pilots
Diecast magnetic couplers, directional lighting, magnetraction
Pullmor Powered, Trainmaster and Railsounds equipped
CatalogEngineRailroadModel #ReleasedNotes
1996 Lionel Corp.2380Southern Pacific6-18562Oct-96 
1996 Lionel Corp.2380New York Central6-18563Nov-96 
1997 Classic-12380Canadian Pacific6-18564Jun-97 
1997 Classic-22338Milwaukee Road6-18565May-97 
1997 Classic-22028Pennsylvania6-18567Jun-97 
Electrocouplers, Crew Talk and Tower Comm introduced
1997 Stocking Stuffer1997Lionel Centennial6-18846Oct-97finished interior, diecast pilot, no electrocouplers
1997 Heritage Fall2380,2381Union Pacific6-11956Dec-97Double Lashup with second unit non powered, electrocouplers, no Railsounds
1997 Heritage Fall2397Union Pacific set6-11837Dec-97 
1998 Classic2380Chicago Burlington & Quincy6-18569Mar-98 
1998 Classic2398Custom Series #16-18575Sept-98 
Diecast Fuel Tank introduced
1998 Heritage2380, 2381, 2389Boston and Maine6-11843Sept-98Triple Lashup with middle unit non powered, electrocouplers, no Railsounds
Diecast Pilot introduced
1998 Classic-II2029Pennsylvania6-18870Nov-98 
1998 Classic-II2383Milwaukee Road6-18866Dec-98 
1999 Preview5616Baltimore & Ohio6-18879May-99 
1999 Preview Custom series #26-18881April-99 
Finished Cab interior introduced
1999 Heritage453,454,455Wabash6-18872May-99Triple Lashup with middle unit non powered, electrocouplers, no Railsounds
1999 Classic-I2328Burlington6-18892May-99Postwar Celebration Series
1999 Classic-III607,608,609Florida East Coast6-28509April-00Triple Lashup with non-powered middle unit
1999 Classic-III2924Sante Fe Merger6-28502Oct-99 
Other cataloged items
2000 Volume 1178Atlantic Coast Line6-28503April-00 
2000 Volume 21518Chicago & North Western6-28517May-01includes Cab-1 & Command Base
2001 Volume 11406New Haven Command Control Set6-31905Nov-01includes 4 cars, power and track
2001 Volume 12001Atomic Energy Commission6-28527April-01Glows in the dark
2001 Volume 1102Norfolk Southern Service Station Set6-21789Sept-01includes 5 cars
2001 Volume 12349Northern Pacific6-28519April-01Postwar Celebration Series
2001 Volume 24134Grand Trunk Western6-28534(Jan-02)Archive Collection
2002 Volume 14601US Army Transportation Corps6-28535(Nov-02)GP-9m
2002 Volume 11274Rock Island6-28536July-02 

These Geeps tell a story, Lionel is constantly striving to improve the classic designs from the postwar era, and has produced the most innovative and fun versions ever of the Classic Lionel Geep. Probably the rarest will be the Custom Series. There are some 2383 NYC and SP Geeps out there and CCA is trying to verify when they were produced.

Anyone documenting omissions from this list please contact CCA and give us yer info. We will update this story and pass the information on to Lionel Trainmaster fans everywhere.

A Stable Full of F3s

Trainmaster and Railsounds equipped F3s seek Place in History

by Clyde Coil

Since 1996, six different Lionel F3s have been made with Trainmaster Command and Railsounds. These locomotives are so different from their predecessors in features and playability that they deserve their own place in History. So here it is, the LIONEL F3 lineage since Trainmaster Command and Railsounds were made standard equipment in 1996.

Die Cast chassis, trucks, and magnetic couplers
Screens on roof vents, portholes, metal grab irons and ladders
Directional lighting on B unit
Pullmor Powered, Magnetraction, Trainmaster Command and Railsounds

CatalogEngineRailroadModel #ReleasedNotes
1995/6 Stocking Stuffer342, 343Atlantic Coast Line AA units6-11903Mar-96 
1996 Lionel Corp.2343Santa Fe A-B set6-18130Sept-96 
Electrocouplers introduced
1997 Heritage2390Northern Pacific A-B freight set6-18131Jun-97 
Detailed Cab interior introduced
1997 Heritage Fall2390Northern Pacific A-B passenger set6-18147Nov-97 
Crew Talk and Tower Com introduced
1998 Heritage75Milwaukee Road A-B set6-18140May-98 
1998 Classic-II2355Western Pacific AA set6-18191Nov-98Postwar Celebration Series
1999 Preview2245Texas Special A-B set6-38100Aug-99Postwar Celebration Series
1999 Classic-I2245Texas Special A unit6-38103Aug-99Postwar Celebration Series
1999 Classic-I2373Canadian Pacific A-A set6-21759Dec-99Postwar Celebration Series
1999 Heritage7091Erie Lackawanna A&B units6-29122Dec-99Phoebe Snow set only
Century Club2333New York Central A-A set6-18135June-99CENTURY CLUB #4
1999 Classic-II2333Spirit of the Century A-A set6-38153Oct-99 
Other cataloged items
1999 Preview2355cWestern Pacific B unit6-18198April-99Postwar Celebration Series
1999 Classic-II2333Lionel Lines A-A set6-38150Nov-99Platinum Ghost clear shell
2000 Volume 12356Southern A-B-A set6-38188Aug-00Postwar Celebration Series
2000 Volume 12387Southern Pacific A-B-A set6-38197Aug-00Archive Collection
2000 Volume 22388Kansas City Southern A-A set6-14500July-01Archive Collection
2000 Volume 2200Santa Fe A-B-B-A Aniversary Passenger set6-21786Oct-01includes 7 cars
2001 Volume 1291GM Electro-Motive Demonstrator A-B-A set6-14512April-01 
2001 Volume 12343CSanta Fe Powered B-Unit6-14517April-01 
2001 Volume 12373CCanadian Pacific Railsounds B-Unit6-14518 Postwar Celebration Series
2001 Volume 1 Texas Special Railsounds B-Unit6-14520May-01Postwar Celebration Series
2001 Volume 15521Rio Grande A-A Passenger set6-21955Aug-01includes 4 cars
2001 Volume 25524Rio Grande A-A set6-14559Sept-01 
2001 Volume 2 Denver & Rio Grand Railsounds B-Unit6-14540Jan-02 
2001 Volume 2 Chesapeake & Ohio Railsounds B-Unit6-14541Jan-02 
2001 Volume 22388CKansas City Southern Railsounds B-Unit6-14542Jan-02 
2001 Volume 2 Southern Pacific Railsounds B-Unit6-14543Jan-02 
2002 flyer16Santa Fe A-A set6-14536Dec-02Fifth in Special Series
2002 flyer Santa Fe unpowered B unit6-14539Dec-02Matches above A-A
2002 flyer1606New York Central A-A set6-14552Dec-02Fifth in Special Series
2002 flyer New York Central unpowered B unit6-14555Dec-02Matches above A-A
2002 Volume 22373CCanadian Pacific Powered B-Unit6-14564 Postwar Celebration Series
2002 Volume 22390BNorthern Pacific Non-Powered (Freight) A-Unit6-14560 TMCC Lighting & Coupler
2002 Volume 22390BNorthern Pacific Non-Powered (Passenger) A-Unit6-145601 TMCC Lighting & Coupler
2002 Volume 275CMilwaukee Road Non-Powered A-Unit6-14562 TMCC Lighting & Coupler
2002 Volume 27094Erie Lackawanna Non-Powered A-Unit6-14563 TMCC Lighting & Coupler
2003 Volume 12240Wabash A-B set6-31711(Sep-03)PWC Wabash Freight Set
2003 Volume 22240Alaska A-A set6-24520  
2003 Volume 22240Alaska Non-Powered B-Unit6-24521 TMCC Lighting & Coupler
2003 Volume 22240Alaska Powered B-Unit6-24522  
2003 Volume 22240Western Pacific A-A set6-14568  
2003 Volume 22240Western Pacific Non-Powered B-Unit6-14557 TMCC Lighting & Coupler
2003 Volume 22240Western Pacific Powered B-Unit6-24518  
2003 Volume 22240Baltimore & Ohio A-A set6-14565  
2003 Volume 22240Baltimore & Ohio Non-Powered B-Unit6-14558 TMCC Lighting & Coupler
2003 Volume 22240Baltimore & Ohio Powered B-Unit6-24519  
2003 Volume 22240Santa Fe Powered B-Unit6-24516 Matches 2002 Special Series
2003 Volume 22240New York Central Powered B-Unit6-24517 Matches 2002 Special Series