Thanks to everyone who particpated in the Fourth Survey. The results were compiled from over a hundred votes for Lionel's 6464 Postwar Boxcars.
The first-place winner was ahead of the competition from the beginning of the voting. Results for the runner-ups were close behind. The submissions were made February through May 2006.
Thanks go to the TCA for letting us use pictures of 6464 boxcars from their excellent article during the survey. (The photos below are adapted from online auction images.)
See the results of our Third Survey here

The Fourth Survey question was:

Which Is Your Favorite 6464?


First Place
The winner, with 10% of the vote, is the 6464-500 Timken Roller Freight Boxcar.


Second Place
Next, with 9% of the vote, is the 6464-275 State of Maine Boxcar.


Third Place
And then, with 8% of the vote, is the 6464-900 New York Central System Boxcar.

Another survey will be announced soon.